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Kandy Magazine

Kandy Magazine Miss KANDY 2022 Edition

Kandy Magazine Miss KANDY 2022 Edition

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Marissa Victoria is Miss KANDY 2022

54 Pages

Dimensions: 8 x 10

A New Queen Ascends to the Throne
KANDY Girls Tell Stories Through Pictures
+ Irina Voronina's Voyeuristic Shoot
+ Christina Riordan Spends A Day at the Beach
+ Kasey Hill - Champagne in a Bubble Bath
+ Sophia Marie - Words Are Not Necessary
ESPN Does the NHL and Its Fans Dirty
I Went To a MLB Game... I Was Bored Stiff
Personal Summer Blockbuster Stories
+ American Graffiti
+ Transformers
+ Raiders of the Lost Ark
+ Top Gun

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